What is the VIP Monthly Plan?

For some vehicle owners, cleaning their vehicle is a weekly task that they take seriously. At Kwik Kar Flower Mound, we understand that. That’s why we have our convenient VIP monthly benefit plan. You can come in as often as you want for a wash, without having to bother with payment every time you’re in. Our VIP monthly plans save you hassle and money. We offer five monthly unlimited wash plans with unique touches in each plan.

Express Unlimited Deluxe Wash

The first of our two express car wash monthly plans is the deluxe wash plan. This wash features presoak, foam, spot free rinse, hand towel dry, triple foam, spot free, wheels and tires and handle towel dry. The express deluxe car wash usually costs $16.00 per wash. At $24.00 monthly, this plan is our most cost-efficient plan available.

Express Unlimited Royal Wash

The second of our express car wash monthly plans is the royal wash plan. The Royal wash is normally $20.00 per wash and includes everything in the deluxe wash, plus underbody, triple foam, clear coat, rain-x, hand towel dry. This unlimited monthly plan is $30.00 monthly.

Unlimited Coach Washes Plan

Our coach wash features a soft cloth wash, vacuum interior, clean windows and a hand towel dry. This plan will cost you only $39.99 monthly as opposed to $15.00 per wash.

Unlimited Business Washes Plan

The business class wash features all that the coach plan does, plus Car Coaster fragrance, under body wash, special wheel cleaning, triple polish and hand applied tire shine. With this plan, you also get a 72-hour clean car guarantee. The business class wash costs $24.00 per wash but our unlimited business washes plan is $44.99 monthly or $69.99 monthly for commercial vehicles.

Unlimited First Class Washes Plan

Our first class wash has all the features of the business plan, including those in the coach plan, plus Rain-X Complete Protection, interior dusting with compressed air and a 7 day ‘clean car’ guarantee. A first class wash is $30.00 per wash. The VIP unlimited plan is $49.99 monthly or $99.99 for commercial vehicles.


Our VIP monthly car wash plans make it easy and convenient to keep your car clean and shiny all year round. Visit Kwik Kar in Flower Mound to get a plan today.

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