What comes in the First Class Wash?

A First Class Wash for a First Class Car Owner
Your car is not just some piece of equipment but an extension of you. As you run errands, go to work, or prepare for a much needed weekend, your car not only shuttles you around but it advertises to the world who it is that is behind the driver’s wheel. No matter the year, make, or model, one of the first things a person will notice is whether your car is clean from the outside looking in.

Your car deserves to be cleaned and taken care of; it needs a thorough washing to continue to retain its luster and value, especially with all of the filth that it can accumulate while on the road. Much like the spa day you deserve, your car deserves a car wash that will attend to its needs, all the while ensuring you are comfortable during its’ cleaning. You and your car deserve an establishment that aims to serve its customers, their vehicles, and the community of Flower Mound TX.

Kwik Kar of Flower Mound TX aims to be your local car wash and detailing provider. When treating your car to a “First Class Wash” package, you can relax in the lobby designed for comfort and relaxation. While you enjoy the lobby experience, your car will be receiving the first-class service it needs outside. The “First Class Wash” begins with a soft cloth wash to break off and wash away the harsh chemicals and grime from the road. Not only will the visible exterior be cleaned, but the underbody of your car will also. This value-added cleaning can help protect the undercarriage from undue wear and tear caused by the same tar, oils, and chemicals that can affect your car’s paint.

Your car’s windows will also be cleaned on the inside and outside, increasing your visibility, which is especially helpful for nighttime driving. Not only will your vehicle be visibly cleaner, but it will receive a triple polish and will be hand towel dried, which reduces spotting and extends the lifetime of your car’s paint job. Not only does the “First Class Wash” ensure a well-cleaned exterior, but it includes vacuuming your car’s interior, which anyone with children or pets knows is a lifesaver!

As a final touch, your car will receive a refreshing car coaster fragrance and the “7 Day Clean Car Guarantee”, a promise of quality and satisfaction in every car service. This package, along with the lobby experience, is one of several things that distinguishes Kwik Kar as a provider of excellence. Treat your car and yourself to a service centered on your satisfaction and your car’s needs. When you get back on the road, you can drive at ease, knowing that your vehicle is well taken care of and that it will continue to bring you where you need to go while rightly serving as an extension of who you are. With the “First Class Wash” every trip will help you feel like you’re riding first-class as you enjoy the sight and the smell of a freshly cleaned vehicle.

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