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Kwik Kar Care Lube & Services of Flower Mound TX recognizes the importance of protecting your vehicle as well as the importance of protecting the environment. North Texas is no stranger to water scarcity. Flower Mound TX sees only 38 inches of rain a year. In this area, preserving water is a crucial part of life and a central part of business. Kwik Kar’s state-of-the-art equipment is designed to minimize use of water and reduce the impact on the environment, all while providing you the best car wash available.

With an at-home wash, sediment, soap, and chemicals run down the driveway and into the street. Much of this greasy, grimy runoff enters the storm drains. This dirty, untreated concoction drains directly to lakes and streams, where it can impact the fish, plants, and animals that rely on the water that comes from that source. The potentially contaminated water can also seep into the groundwater supply, which then gets pumped back for human use and consumption. Further, an at-home driveway wash consumes an average of 140 gallons of water — a very big deal when you consider potential water-use restrictions in times of drought.

The Kwik Kar facility is designed with water reclamation in mind, resulting in an average water use of 40 gallons per wash. When you come into a Kwik Kar facility, your car moves into the wash bay. As the wash begins, those deposits of sediment, sand, and dirt are rinsed away and then trapped in the first step of the filtering process. The water flows into a reclamation tank under the bay so that it can be prepared for reuse. It is filtered a second time to remove smaller dirt and sand particles. The water is filtered a third time to remove particles to micron levels less than 20. Water, such a precious resource, can then be reused. Some of the cleaning solution is also recycled in this process.

You can rest easy knowing Kwik Kar of Flower Mound TX uses only the finest ecologically-friendly soaps and paint protection products on your vehicle. Your car’s paint will not be subjected to brushes or harsh chemicals.

Washing your car is a necessary part of car ownership. Tree sap, birds, bugs, heat, and pollen can all damage your car’s paint, leaving the metal surfaces more prone to rust. Regular washing can minimize the damage and extend the life of your paint job. When that time comes, visit Kwik Kar Care Lube & Services. Kwik Kar will provide you with the best car wash possible using the most sustainable practices.

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