Top 5 Reasons Why A Professional Car Wash is Always the BEST Option.

Some people make it a point to clean their own vehicles every weekend, it is ritual for them. But, if you are like most others, getting your car washed regularly probably is not high on your priorities list. Life tends to get in the way of making a trip to the car wash tough, due to busy schedules, work, and time with friends and family.

However, take it from the professional at Kwik Kar Flower Mound, making time to clean your vehicle is necessary. And here are 5 reasons why:

  1. It’s Healthier for the Vehicle:

Did you know that your vehicle’s interior is one of the leading places where bugs and harmful microorganisms thrive? Steam clean the areas, under the carpet and air vents to discourage the growth of pests and bacteria which may cause health ailments.


  1. Safer Driving Conditions:

Did you know most people know that not seeing clearly out of your windshield is putting you at risk for an accident, danger could be around the corner—literally.  Clean headlights, windshield and wipers allow you to see roads more clearly even during snowy or rainy nights. Dirt-free brakes give you more control of your car. Not to mention that a clean vehicle can make you shine and helps make you more noticeable to other drivers.


  1. Better Fuel Efficiency

Did you know that a clean vehicle runs better than a dirty one? It’s true, compared the fuel efficiency of the same car both dirty and clean and found that when it had been washed, the fuel efficiency was better by 10%. Dirt may not seem like it would drag a car down, but it does. You are saving yourself a lot of money when you professionally detail your vehicle often.


  1. Better for the Environment

Why are professional car washes better for the environment than washing it yourself? Professional car washes use less water, and the cleaning product residue is “directed” to a water treatment plant instead of just running off into a yard or a drain. The products used are the best, as well as being safe and ecologically friendly.


  1. Your Car Will Look Its Best!

Who doesn’t like their vehicle to look like new? A regular car wash can keep you feeling good about your car, as opposed to feeling badly about it each time you see it covered in dust and dirt. Passengers will also be less likely to “dirty it up” if it’s already looking spiffy.


The best car wash comes from professionals, experienced in handling all models and makes, both domestic and foreign. As you can see from the list, a regular car wash does wonders for your vehicle.

Stop by one of the best car washes around, Kwik Kar of Flower Mound! Professional full-service car wash, that also specialize in detailing.  Contact Kwik Kar Flower Mound at (972)724-2929 with any questions you have or check out the VIP Unlimited Monthly Plans.

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