Shocks & Struts

Shocks & Struts

Your vehicle depends on its shocks and struts for accurate steering, stability, and stopping. Kwik Kar’s technicians can inspect your shocks and struts at the first indication of wear, preventing future safety problems as well as further damage to your vehicle’s suspension system.

Shock absorbers and struts keep your auto’s weight appropriate distributed when turning, so when they begin to wear out, you may experience slipping or sliding. This is a dangerous situation, as without stability, you won’t have adequate control of your vehicle, placing yourself and your passengers at risk. Shocks and struts also help to keep your vehicle properly aligned, keep other parts of your auto’s suspension in good working order, and give your car a comfortable ride.

How can you know if your shocks or struts are worn? Irregular tire wear can indicate a problem, as can fluid leakage. You may notice that your car’s ride feels springy or spongy, and if you hit a bump or stop suddenly, your car may rock or pitch forward. Broken or worn bushings may also be visible.

As your shocks or struts begin to wear, you may notice these changes happening slowly, over time. Because your safety depends on these critical components, it’s important to get your shocks and struts checked regularly.

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