Why Have Oil Change Prices Increased so Much Over the Past 5 Years?

There are few certainties in life, with one of them being that change is inevitable – an oil change, that is. Even though we all deal with various changes every day, getting hit with new or higher expenses regarding the care and maintenance of your vehicle is not usually a welcomed event.

When you come in for your regularly scheduled oil change, you may have noticed that prices have gone up over the past few years for what appears to be the same oil change. We are all familiar with the cost of living increases that seem to happen like clockwork, but the jump in prices for some oil changes has gone up considerably more than the cost of living, and we are here to help explain why.

To give you an example of the increase we are referring to, let’s use the ever popular Chevy Silverado. In 2013, you could get an oil change for around $38, and then the next year, the price went up to $90.

If that is something consumers are not prepared for, it could cause unnecessary confusion and frustration. However, what many consumers don’t realize is that the oil change performed in 2013 was not the same oil change that could accommodate the 2014 model vehicles.

Manufacturers are requiring a different type of higher-grade oil, a synthetic, as well as a higher capacity of that oil to be used in the newer vehicles. This is due to improvements in engine design and onboard technology. Not only is the high-grade synthetic oil more expensive, but more of it has to be used to properly keep the vehicle maintained. Although the initial cost for the oil change is higher, this is also what allows the vehicle to go for longer intervals between oil changes.

If car owners are going longer intervals for their oil changes, but avoiding the higher-priced synthetic oils recommended for their vehicle, it will wreak havoc on their engine, which will end up costing a whole lot more in the long run.

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