How Can Wax Help Protect From the Sun?

You likely already know that the sun can be damaging to your skin. Did you know that the sun can damage the exterior of your car as well?
In sunny locales across the world, people apply sunscreen each day to prevent sunburn and skin cancer. It only makes sense that you would apply the same precautions to your beloved vehicle, especially if you reside in a sun-heavy area like Flower Mound TX.

The Science Behind Weathering

Sunlight weathers and ages your vehicle by breaking down the particles of pigment in your paint over time, making them lose their luster and shine. This process is called oxidation, and it’s a headache for many car owners and enthusiasts. If you do not have access to covered parking or a garage, the sun may be a serious threat to the integrity of your car’s beautiful paint. Add that to the everyday wear and tear of dust and extremely acidic insects or road chemicals and your car’s beautiful exterior might need a little TLC ASAP! A professional full-service car wash will use eco-friendly and safe but effective supplies to remove environmental hazards like bird droppings, insects, road chemicals, and dust that might damage your vehicle’s appearance.

What You Can Do To Protect Your Vehicle

Even if you do regularly have access to a covered parking spot or garage, one of the most effective protective measures you can take to protect your vehicle’s shine and appearance is a regular coat of wax. Unlike abrasive treatments like polishing (which removes a fine layer of paint to create a smooth surface), wax forms a protective layer over the exterior of your car to seal out damage and deterioration. Wax not only protects your vehicle’s exterior, but can also smooth over small imperfections and give the appearance of fresher paint. Paint that stays fresher and newer longer preserves the value and extends the life of your vehicle!

When you next take your car in for a full-service car wash, ask your car care team about applying a protective coat of wax to your vehicle. If you reside in Flower Mound TX, try Kwik Kar’s professional full-service car wash and wax services. They use only state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly shampoos and polishes that are crafted to preserve your vehicle’s appearance while effectively cleaning it. Trust them with your routine, basic maintenance, and enjoy a beautiful vehicle that looks like new for years to come.

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