How can keeping your car waxed help?

If you have ever rolled up to a gas station and was asked by the pump’s screen if you wanted a car wash with your fuel, then you probably experienced that puzzling sensation as to why anyone would say yes. After all, the rain washes your car enough, right? Well, maybe so, but there are things that a full-service car wash can do that the rain definitely can’t. Additionally, there are things that the rain can do to your vehicle that you don’t want and that a full-service car wash can prevent.

What’s in a Full-Service Wash?

A full-service wash includes a cleaning under the vehicle as well as a complete waxing. Many people forego the waxing, but you really shouldn’t. There are multiple benefits to having a fully clean vehicle with a regular wax.

Benefits of a Car Waxing

Ask anyone in Flower Mound TX or places where it is wet some part of the year and intensely dry at other times of the year, and they will tell you that a car wax is key to preserving your vehicle. A waxing keeps moisture and humidity out of and off of your vehicle, which in turn prevents rust. During hotter and dryer months, precipitation that has seeped into areas in your vehicle begins to oxidize. You don’t want that and waxing stops it from happening.

If you have areas on your vehicle that are dented, this creates even more places for rust to develop. However, waxing the dents as well as the rest of your vehicle causes water and humidity to just roll off and roll over the dents. Rust can’t start because wax won’t let it.

You can think of wax as a hard shell coating over your whole car. If the entire upper surface area of your car is waxed and protected, everything under, behind, and in your vehicle is protected too. It’s a lot like a roof over your house; the roof protects everything underneath it, just like wax protects everything underneath it.

Wax also prevents paint from fading. If you love the paint job on your vehicle, the last thing you want is for the paint to fade. In TX where the sun is very unforgiving on paint jobs, a wax layer on your vehicle prevents the sun from killing the paint color. Wax is like sunscreen for your car or truck.

Wax keeps your vehicle shiny and looking like it just rolled off the showroom floor. If you love having a car look brand-new all the time (even if you have owned it for years!), wax it. If you don’t want to wax it by hand (and who does that much work), then take your vehicle Kwik Kar Car Wash we give you the option of waxing your vehicle. Say “Yes!” to the wax and “Yes!” to a longer life for your car or truck.

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