How can keeping your car clean help your gas mileage?

A clean car is more than just visually pleasing. Some studies have shown that a dirt-free automobile is more fuel-efficient than one that is covered in filth and grime. Heading to the car wash to freshen up your ride can really make a difference when it comes to saving money at the pump.

Most people don’t realize that once your vehicle exits the car wash, it suddenly becomes much more aerodynamic. Dirt and grime create wind resistance and reduce airflow that can slow your car down. That added friction translates into higher fuel consumption.

The theory that whether or not a clean car is more aerodynamic has actually been tested. In one experiment, a dirty four-door sedan was driven, and then the same car was cleaned and taken for a spin. When clean, the sedan averaged two miles per gallon more than when it was covered in dirt.

A thorough car wash can reduce wind resistance. Car wax can also increase the airflow around your car as it repels moisture and dirt accumulated while driving around Flower Mound TX. Wax also has the added benefit of preventing the sun’s rays from damaging your paint job.

Over time, commuting back and forth to work, running errands and transporting kids back and forth in Flower Mound TX will cause your vehicle to accumulate dirt, dust, tar, and road film, causing an increase in gas consumption. Having it professionally washed and waxed will improve your car’s performance, saving you hundreds of dollars each year.

Professional car washing and waxing will also reduce color fading. Conditioning the exterior rubber trim and moldings, polishing the wheels and cleaning your vehicle’s underside will help keep your car’s paint job and accents sparkling.

Don’t forget to clean your car’s interior, too. A clean interior will also save you money at the gas pump. Lots of us treat our car as a storage unit, driving around with unnecessary items. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), for every hundred pounds of weight you remove from your car, you’ll increase your gas mileage one to two percent. By removing the extra unnecessary items in your vehicle will also lessen the strain on your vehicle’s suspensions, brakes, and other components.

After removing the junk from your car’s interior or truck bed, your vehicle will be easier to clean and detail. You can have the dashboard, vents, console, and doors spruced up. Your car’s rugs and floor mats can also be thoroughly vacuumed and washed.

Just like changing the air and fuel filters, cleaning the fuel injectors and making sure the tires are properly inflated, taking your car for regular washing and detailing should be included in its maintenance routine.

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