How can dirt and sap damage your cars finish?

Automotive paint and finishes are made to withstand the seasons. The added protection of a clear finish helps against the elements. Trees through-out Flower Mound TX bloom each spring. Tree sap begins to pour from the blooming trees and onto cars below. This sticky substance breaks down your cars finish and eats away at the paint. What’s left is rust. Having not noticed the rust marks due to the tree sap, this can be devastating. Sap is not easy to remove. It is a clear-ish substance that is tremendously sticky. It hardens and attaches itself to whatever surface it lands on. Removing sap can be difficult, however if done immediately it could prevent some damage. Harsh abrasive may be tempting to use while cleaning. It is not recommended to do so. They can make the damage worse.

Dirt can be just as harmful, especially if caked on or sun baked. With dirt all around Flower Mound TX, you can find a line at any full-service car wash. Red and darker colored dirt have a tendency to stain lighter colored vehicles. This is also a substance that needs to be removed immediately. If left on to bake in the sun, dirt can do serious damage to a car’s finish. The dryer the dirt becomes, the more chips appear. As the dry layer of dirt falls off, the finish that has become attached, falls off with it. This can cause damage in many places. Dirt is especially found caked around wheel wells. The best thing to do is wash your car regularly. You can also apply a protective wax coating to help maintain your car’s finish.

No doubt, sap and dirt will damage your car’s finish. A car that is properly washed, on a consistent basis, will suffer less damage from dirt and sap. Many times a full-service car wash will offer discount specials for regular washes. Sign up for a loyal customer program. These deals give you multiple washes, some unlimited. If you live in an area where dirt or sap is prevalent, it’s a good idea to take advantage of specials like these. A well maintained vehicle has value. Keep up with the outside appearance. Avoid parking under trees and wash off after dirty road trips. Regular waxing, done by a professional, is highly recommended as well. Visit Kwik Kar Care Lube & Services for more information on the car wash services we offer.

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