Give your car a Christmas gift?

Why not give your car a nice Christmas present this year? You can get it thoroughly cleaned at the “Kwik Kar Wash And Detail Center” located in Flower Mound Tx. Our address is 2801 Flow Mound Road in Flower Mound Tx. Please call us at (972) 724-2929.

Coach Wash

Our “Coach Wash” includes…

  • A soft cloth wash
  • We vacuum the interior thoroughly
  • We clean the windows
  • We dry the vehicle with hand towels.

Each Coach Wash is $15.00. You can get your car cleaned any time you want with our unlimited Coach Washes. The price for that is $39.99 per month.

Business Class Wash

Our “Business Class Wash” includes the same things as the Coach Wash, but there’s more:

  • A Soft Cloth Wash just like the Coach Wash
  • We Vacuum the Interior just like the Coach Wash
  • We clean the windows thoroughly. This is also in the Coach Wash.
  • We dry with hand towels, just like we do with the Coach Wash
  • We give the vehicle a CarCoaster Fragrance
  • We do a complete wash under the body
  • We perform our special wheel cleaning.
  • We triple-polish the vehicle.
  • We offer a tire shine that is applied by hand
  • We offer out 72-hour Clean Care Guarantee

The price for the “Business Wash” is $24.00, but you can get unlimited Business Washes for $44.99. If you use a Commercial Vehicle, the unlimited Business Wash is $69.99 per month.

First Class Wash

Our First Class Wash includes everything that’s in the Business Class Wash, but you also get a lot more. We don’t offer the 72-hour Clean Car Guarantee here because we have replaced it with a 7-day Clean Car Guarantee instead!

Here are the additional things you get with a First Class Wash:

  • We give you complete protection offered by Rain-X
  • We dust the interior with compressed air
  • We offer a 7-day clean car guarantee

A First Class Wash is $30.00. Get unlimited First Class Washes for $49.99 a month. It’s $99.00 per month for commercial vehicles.

Express Super Clean Wash

This includes everything that’s in the First Class Wash plus these features

  • We clean the dashboard, console and doors
  • We condition the dashboard, console, and doors
  • We clean the vents and crevices

The Express Super Clean Wash is $49.99. Add $10 for an oversized vehicle.

Basic Express Car Wash

Our Basic Express Car Wash offers this:

  • Presoak
  • Foam
  • Spot-Free Rinse
  • Hand-towel dry

We offer more washes that will fit your budget. Please call us at (972) 724-2929 or come see us at 2801 Flower Mound Road.

We proudly sponsor local schools and organizations. Please come to us to get that vehicle clean!

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