Evolution of the Automobile

Back in 1908, the Model-T Ford was produced with a 4-cylinder, 20-horsepower engine. The basics to keep it running meant regular oil changes and the occasional spark plug. Although today we still manufacture many 4-cylinder vehicles, the horsepower, along with technological advances, has increased dramatically. Now, the smallest economy cars offer 100+ horsepower with many sport and luxury cars offering over 400 horsepower! Today’s car also emits less than a tenth of a percent of emissions compared to cars made just 40 years ago.

The HVAC systems in cars have also evolved, and living in Texas, you want to make sure your AC is in tip-top shape. Previously, car shops only needed an hour and about $5 worth of R-12 gas to keep you cool. Now, due to the sophistication of our cars and updated regulatory laws concerning the gas used, you need 2 to 4 hours’ worth of labor, and over $100 of the new R-134 refrigerant gas.

With the enhanced technology of our vehicles, there also comes the need for a more comprehensive education on what it takes to keep the modern-day car running properly. It takes a lot more than just an oil change and some spark plugs to keep you on the road.

Many times, when a car quits working, it has nothing to do with the standard engine components. Every car now has a sophisticated computer attached to the most basic of mechanical designs; windows, doors, locks, seats, Bluetooth, security, GPS, ignition, battery, gas, water pump, tire inflation, brakes, and more are connected to a computer that controls every aspect of how your automobile functions. What once was a stationary seat is now an adjustable warming, body conforming, massaging, talking device with a memory.

When your car won’t start or stalls out on the road, there are dozens of sensors that can detect thousands of different problems. For a proper diagnosis, it requires an elaborate (and expensive) scanning tool that is capable of deciphering the manufacturer-specific trouble codes and data streams associated with your specific problem.

At Kwik Kar, we pride ourselves on the education of our staff and provide the latest in technology to make sure your car is running well not only mechanically, but also in the technology that provides for your comfort, safety, and driving pleasure. When you have a problem, rest assured that we have the equipment and trained personnel to diagnose it right the first time, so you can get back on the road.