Professional Car Washing Protects the Environment

We’re all looking for new ways to do our part to protect the environment. Here in North Texas, we’re especially attuned to the importance of preserving our scarce water resources. Here’s how washing your vehicle at Kwik Kar can help.

Home Driveway Car Wash

Step 1: When you wash your car at home, cleaning solutions and other contaminants run down your driveway into storm drains, which empty directly into surface water supplies such as nearby streams and Grapevine Lake.

Step 2: Those same cleaning solutions can also seep into the groundwater supply causing potential contamination.

Step 3: That potentially contaminated groundwater is pumped to public water supplies for everyday use and consumption.

Most important: 140 GALLONS OF WATER are used during the average home driveway car wash.

Eco Friendly Car Wash

Professional Car Wash

Eco Friendly Car Wash

Step 1: When you come to Kwik Kar, large deposits of mud, dirt and sand are trapped here as the first step in our water reuse and filtering process.

Step 2: We filter the water a second time to remove even more dirt, sand particles and spent cleaning solutions.

Step 3: The final stage of our water reuse process filters out particles to micron levels less than 20. This allows us to reuse our water and some of the still-usable cleaning solutions, while minimizing the need for fresh water and protecting the environment from harmful contaminants.

Most important: Best of all, only 40 GALLONS OF WATER are used during the average Kwik Kar wash.