Don’t Leave Those Water Spots On Your Car From The Rain

To many, few sights prove more pleasing than a sleek-looking, well-maintained car with a clean, shiny exterior. The preceding fact inspires numerous motorists to go to significant lengths to achieve such aims.

Unfortunately, however, exposure to elements, such as wind, traffic conditions, precipitation, and temperature extremes can threaten and even damage a car’s paint and other external components.

Kwik Kar, a full service car wash in Flower Mound TX alerts current and prospective customers to the potential detriments posed by the development of water spots.


These nuisances are defined as small spaces of residue contained in water concentrations making contact with an impacted vehicle. Once water from any source lands on a car’x exterior, the minerals, sediments, chemicals, salts, acids, or other contaminants often remind behind in the form of white dots accumulating on locations, such as the car’s paint job, windshield, side, and rear windows.

Different Types Of Water Spots

There are two distinct categories of water spots: those produced by hard water deposits and formations created by acid rain.

Hard Water Deposits

Water’s hardness level is determined by the amount of mineral deposits said liquid possesses. Concentrations containing pH levels of greater than seven are typically comprised of excessive quantities of minerals like magnesium and calcium.

Hard water collects in water systems. Ergo, when one washes their vehicle from water transmitted from such sources, the external features of such cars are often adversely impacted.

Acid Rain Formations

Scientists maintain that most rain contains a certain degree of acidity. This is attributed to the fact that rain water naturally breaks down carbon dioxide, which possesses a relatively high acid concentration.

That said, air pollution also plays a significant role in precipitating acid rain. The automobiles of those residing in highly industrial regions or large cities with an appreciable percentage of gaseous emissions from cars stand at an increased risk of being impacted by water spots.

Possible Associated Damages

Though water spots are usually not toxic to motorists per se, they hold the ability to cause appreciable damage to a car’s exterior.

The chemicals contained inside water spots erode paint on their own accord. However, said nuisances also attract other potentially detrimental particles like dirt, allergens, and dust. These untoward materials stick to the water spots and expedite the erosion process.

As the problem progresses, a car’s exterior aesthetics will continue to decline. Moreover, severe events could be harder and more expensive to remediate.

Effective Removal Of Water Spots

Fortunately, water spots can be removed effectively. However, said undertaking must be performed using non-hard water that has not been exposed to environmental elements. In many instances, such resources are available at establishments like Kwik Kar.

Why Choose Us?

Our full service car wash in Flower Mound TX holds nearly two decades in the business and is proud to use soft water, cleansing implements, and cleansers strictly designed to protect the exteriors of our customers vehicles. Area residents noticing water spots should look no further than the professionals at Kwik Kar to eliminate them safely and efficiently.

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