Don’t leave dust and grime on your car!

A specialized car wash in Flower Mound TX cautions residents to pay close attention to dirt and other potentially detrimental substances that might collect on their vehicles paint jobs.

Types Of Substances That Can Adversely Impact Paint

In addition to dirt, various materials can bring significant harm to a car’s exterior including:


All forms of dust, especially the byproducts produced by concrete or at construction sites, are especially hazardous. These substances are significantly abrasive and prone to scratch paint.


Automobiles need certain fluids to run effectively. Unfortunately, however, liquids, such as gasoline, brake fluids, window washing preparation, and battery acid can permanently stain or damage the vehicle in question’s paint job.

Animal And Insect Droppings

Insect and animals like birds can have a tremendously negative impact on a car’s paint. The droppings produced by these creatures contains elevated acid contents. Such acidity makes said substances quite abrasive and enables them to penetrate through paint.

Natural Precipitation

Over time, moisture produced by natural phenomena, such as snow, rain, and icy mixtures can take its toll on paint. Moreover, polluted air can sometimes produce acidic precipitation that quickly eats through paint.


The salt state, municipal, and local highway departments place on roadways in advance of predicted snow and ice storms has a deleterious impact on a vehicle’s exterior. Salt is corrosive and can damage paint.

Road Construction

Road construction areas are often rife with potentially detrimental materials such as wet tar and loose stones. These byproducts often fly into the air and ricochet off passing vehicles. Said action often results in the development of unwanted grooves or scratches.

Problems Paint Damage Can Result In

If left unchecked, damaged paint jobs can lead to discernible issues for the vehicle’s owner, such as a diminished aesthetic quality, decreased monetary value, damage to internal components, and possibly even internal water leaks.

The Importance Of An Experienced Car Wash

Exposure to any of the preceding elements requires immediate intervention. However, said action should be performed by experienced professionals. Remediation attempts made by car owners are usually ineffective and might result in more extensive damage.

Prevention Techniques

Preventing a car’s paint job from the aforementioned hazards is not easy and, in certain cases, impossible. That said, automotive proprietors are implored to be vigilant and not ignore any known problems.

Contacting Us

Arguably, the most crucial paint-preserving action a vehicle owner can take is to bring their car to experienced remediation professionals.

The Kwik Kar Wash & Detail Center located in Flower Mound TX has been in business for nearly two decades, uses only the most sophisticated equipment, and refrains from employing abrasive soaps or chemicals.

Residents who need the most thorough and safe car washes are encouraged to visit our Flower Mound Road location. More information about our company can be found by accessing

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