Don’t go to a DIY Carwash come to Kwik Kar?

Your car is an integral part of you. It’s a valued member of your family and life! When you go to a car wash, it’s essential that you go somewhere that’ll treat your car the way it deserves to be treated. Here are four reasons to choose Kwik Kar of Flower Mound TX.

Only The Best Products
Your cars are handled and pampered with automated and brush-free technology. To clean them, only the most advanced polishing agents and shampoos are used which will protect your paint and finish during a cleaning. All of the products used are completely safe and – as an added bonus – are ecologically friendly. You can be safe in knowing your car is receiving the best treatment possible while also helping the environment. Kiwk Kar’s state of the art equipment ensures that your car is treated perfectly and that you’re fully satisfied with how it’s cleaned and handled.

Affordable Prices
When looking at prices across the board for what Kwik Kar offers, their prices are more than reasonable. Kwik Kar’s soaps cost slightly more than the average car cleaners’, but that’s because of the high quality of the product. In a cleaning, your car receives effective soaps that are actually beneficial rather than cheap chemicals that ruin your paint job. Quality itself isn’t a cheap thing, but at Kwik Kar is certainly affordable. For whatever needs you may have for your vehicle, there are various packages with different levels of treatment. There’s one for everybody!

Two Locations
Kwik Kar doesn’t just handle washes – they handle auto repair and lube too! To cover the wide range of services offered, Kwik Kar needed two locations. The first, on Long Prairie Road, handles all of your auto repair needs. Inspections, oil changes, repairs, tire rotations… whatever you have to get done, it can get done there. The second location, on Flower Mound Road, handles cleanings and details. Need a wash, a clean, or a vacuum? The Flower Mound location is just for you. Both of the locations cover any and all needs you might have, whether it be for repairs or just tidying up.

Years of Experience
Kwik Kar has been around for over a decade and the Flower Mound location has consistently been praised for its quality. It has been voted the best car wash in Denton County six years straight. In that same time, Kwik Kar also won four Reader’s Choice awards for being one of the best businesses in Flower Mound. The quality is certainly there, but Kwik Kar’s extension into the community also helps. They’re not just an auto shop – they’re a part of Denton. The relationship between the residents and Kwik Kar is strong, with plenty of good reasons!

All of these reasons, and many more, illustrate why Kwik Kar is worthy of your business. When trusting someone to treat your car as if it’s their own pride and joy, don’t go to a do-it-yourself car wash – come to Kiwk Kar of Flower Mound TX! You’ll be happy you did.

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