How to Cool Down When You’re Hot Under the Hood During the Holidays

The weather is starting to cool off a bit and here in Texas most of us are ready to see falling temperature gauges. However, that doesn’t mean your car is ready for that extra travel you may do over the holidays.

As ironic as it sounds, cooler weather can be one of the culprits for finding yourself on the side of the road with an overheated vehicle.

If you see an increase in temperature, the quicker you resolve the issue, the better it is for you and your car. Here are some steps to take to better evaluate the situation:

If you see steam coming from under your hood:

  1. Quickly find a safe spot to get you and your car out of harm’s way.
  2. Once you have safely pulled off the road, immediately shut off your car. Idling the car can contribute to a quicker rise in temperature.
  3. Call Roadside Assistance.

If your temperature gauge shows an increase in temperature, but you do not see steam coming from under your hood:

  1. Turn off your air conditioning (AC) and see if the temperature gauge begins to fall.
  2. For an additional test, run the heater on high to quickly pull heat away from the engine. If it’s your AC causing the issue, you should see fairly fast results with the temperature gauge returning to normal.
  3. Proceed with caution, and with the windows down, as you continue to monitor the gauge.
  4. If your temperature gauge continues to run high, it’s time to just pull over and call Roadside Assistance. Driving with an overheated engine will only cause further damage and increased repair costs.

The very best way to protect your car from overheating is to be proactive with proper maintenance, especially regular oil changes per your car’s maintenance schedule. Ask us about our free “winter ready” checkup. It’s our gift to you as we aim to bring more safety to the roads and more peace of mind to you and your family this holiday season.