Can the wrong chemicals damage my cars finish?

Many car owners focus on the mechanical health of their vehicles and not appearance. Included in the recommendations to extend the longevity of the car are tips for protecting the finish. In some instances, people perform DIY techniques, such as car washing. This is one example of an activity that can negatively impact the finish of a vehicle, particularly if using the wrong product. Allowing industry experts like Kwik Car Care Lube & Services will provide you with peace of mind.

This is the best way to ensure that the exterior of the car is both visually appealing and is handled with care. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a car wash or an oil change. This Flower Mound TX location is a great choice because of the experience their staff provides to customers. Along with being an award-winning set of business locations, Kwik Car Care Lube & Services offers 18+ years of car wash expertise. This means not only washing with care but using techniques and products that are effective.

The wrong types of chemicals can result in damage to the finish of the car, which can make it look older than it is. These chemicals are found in specific products, such as dishwashing soaps. Although they may work to clean the vehicle, their abrasive components are not good for the paint or finish. Professional services allow customers to avoid these problems and are extremely dependable. Let’s take a look at some of the ways the Wrong Chemicals Damage the Car’s Finish.

Staining the Finish

There are products that contain chemicals that damage the car’s finish. Some of these are sold at the average retail store or supply location. Avoiding these is one of the best ways to protect your paint and finish. Things like overflowing gasoline have this same effect and result in stains. These are generally difficult to remove without immediate response to them. Proper car wash strategies are very helpful.

Damaging Base Coats

It is possible to experience problems with more than the finish or sheen of the car’s exterior. Some chemicals actually damage all the way to the base coat. Certain sprays and even insect repellant fit into this category. This sort of damage can be serious if it is allowed to persist, and can require sanding and other repairs. Being mindful of the products being used around the vehicle is important, as well.

Chipping the Coat

Chemicals like those in window sprays can negatively impact the car’s coat. Long-term these may result in chips. Applying the right products in the right way is very important and can prevent additional damage. Fortunately for car owners, Kwik Car Care Lube & Services use products, such as soft cloths that are 100% safe. These are critical components when it comes to drying vehicles and shining them.

These are helpful for full-service washes and detailing services, as well. You can find great service and results from this Flower Mound TX business. Quality care and integrity in work are a part of what each customer enjoys. At the same time, they feel confident that their vehicles are being serviced with the best products and state-of-the-art equipment.

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