Can Hand drying prevent spot damage?

For most of us car owners, our cars are an extension of our personality. Sleek and beautiful cars strike emotions deep inside of us, making us want to keep that car looking its best. One of the problems we face is not knowing the right way to take care of our vehicles.

When it breaks, either we fix it ourselves, or we take it to a garage for the repair. But what about the appearance of our cars? Washing and waxing is an essential part of keeping it looking good, especially in an area like Flower Mound TX.

The blistering summer sun blasting UV rays onto the paint fades it, creating oxidation that makes it look old and worn out sooner than later. One of the best preventative measures is a coat of quality wax to protect the paint from the hazards of the sun and other weather extremes.

In this area of the country, our cars get bad treatment from the weather. Hot, humid, sticky days in summer that take all the fun from keeping our vehicles clean and shiny, but it is necessary.

Waxing Alone Isn’t Enough
Whether you drive every day or not, the paint is subject to sun damage whenever your car is outside. That said, try to protect the finish by parking inside a garage or under a shade tree if possible.

It’s always best to park in the shade or anywhere that isn’t under the direct sun. Aside from the obvious benefit of protecting the paint, the rubber seals and headlight lenses won’t suffer the effects of the UV rays as much.

Wash your car regularly and often. A professional, full-service car wash is your best choice because they take the time to hand-dry your vehicle. Not only will hand drying make your paint shine like new, but it also helps prevent spot damage caused by minerals in the wash and rinse water.

By keeping the exterior clean, you eliminate the chance of bugs and bird droppings from staining the finish. Fortunately, a finely waxed finish helps to minimize the damage caused by these hazards.

In the extreme heat and humidity in Flower Mound TX, it’s no easy task to clean and wax our cars. We’re lucky to have access to a full-service car wash dedicated to helping us keep our vehicles in good shape.

As long as we maintain a set schedule of washing and waxing, our cars stand a good chance of looking good for years to come.

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