Can dirt on my car cause rust?

Rust is the mortal enemy of every car lover. It can quickly ruin the appearance and performance of any vehicle, leading to costly repairs that may have to be repeated in a few years.

It’s no wonder that attentive car owners are always looking for ways to prevent rust, and one of the questions they ask is whether a dirty car is more likely to rust. So what’s the true relationship between dirt and rust?

Simply put, rust can be made worse by dirt in two different ways. First, when dirt builds up on a car, it acts like a sponge. The dirt absorbs water, holding it against the vehicle and increasing the odds that rust will result. This is especially true on the inner face of the car’s body, where there are ledges and crevices where dirt can accumulate.

And while Flower Mound TX is hardly a snowy part of the country, used vehicles brought to the area after being exposed to salt on icy roads further north can quickly develop rust if they are not thoroughly cleaned.

Speaking of cleaning, that’s the other way that dirt can indirectly lead to problems with rust. Not every car wash removes dirt as gently as it should. Some use harsh chemicals or rough brushes so that they can quickly and aggressively remove dirt. These techniques are as tough on the paint as they are on the dirt, creating exposed areas where the salt can go to work on the unprotected steel.

To get your car clean and prevent rust, visit Kwik Kar Car Wash & Detail Center. Your car will be cleaned with soft cloths, not with rough brushes that will damage paint and give rust a head start. Their cleaning products are gentle on all types of paint, without any of the abrasive or harsh products used by other car washes.

Attention to detail is a key part of what makes Kwik Kar the best choice in Flower Mound TX. Anybody can make the outside of your car look good today, but only Kwik Kar will do it in a way that will prevent damage that shows up years down the road. Kwik Kar will also pay attention to the undercarriage and inner faces of body panels, which are where rust really gets its start.

There’s a right way and a wrong way to wash your car, just as there is a right way and a wrong way to change the oil, air up the tires, or replace a fan belt. Getting your car cleaned by skilled people at a facility like Kwik Kare that uses the right techniques and equipment will help keep your car shiny, beautiful, and rust-free.

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