Air Conditioning Service

Air Conditioning Service

Here in Texas, air conditioning is a must. But your A/C system does much more than keep you cool. It also purifies the air in your car, reduces humidity, and defogs your windows and windshield, making your car safer to drive.

Kwik Kar Flower Mound TX can help ensure optimal performance of your vehicle’s air conditioning system, providing a performance check to pinpoint any leaks or mechanical issues. Our service also includes recovery and environmentally safe disposal of any old refrigerant; system evacuation; inspection and adjustment of belt drive tension; cleaning of condenser fins; removal of moisture to prevent corrosion and contamination; a compressor test; refill with proper amount of refrigerant (price of refrigerant may vary); pressure and leak testing; monitoring of output temperature; check of controls, blower motor and engine cooling fan; and an antifreeze check to ensure optimal engine cooling.

We recommend air filter replacement once a year or every 15,000 miles.Interval may be shorter if vehicle is operated in dusty conditions.

Kwik Kar Flower Mound can help you with all of your air conditioner, and other mechanical needs. Give us a call today!

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